Charging by the QRD

Here’s some must-know info for HVAC contractors: Quick Reference Data sheets. These technical guides, also called QRDs, are absolutely critical for charging our 13-SEER systems with Micro-Channel coils. These air conditioners are very sensitive to an overcharge, so the QRD is necessary to make sure the charge is done properly.

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New Air Handlers

Shaking Things Up: New B6 Air Handlers In the past year, NORDYNE has launched some significant products – a single-stage 95% furnace, packaged equipment with Micro-Channel condenser coils and two 95% efficient furnaces for manufactured housing. Our most innovative launch, however, might just be the new line of B6 air …

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Most Efficient in 2011

At up to 24.5 SEER, our iQ Drive® air conditioners and heat pumps broke the cooling efficiency ceiling. And now they’re being recognized by ENERGY STAR’s new Most Efficient designation. The 24.5 SEER iQ Drive® air conditioner and 22 SEER iQ Drive heat pump recently received ENERGY STAR Most Efficient …

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New Consumer Websites Lead the Industry

NORDYNE completely revamped its premium consumer websites in 2011. In the past few years, the use of the web for HVAC has literally exploded. Thanks to social media, what used to be a word-of-mouth industry has turned into a world-of-mouse. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Plus… they’re all places that consumers …

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All-Aluminum Indoor Coils (Yes, You Read That Right).

In 2010, NORDYNE launched all-aluminum Micro-Channel condenser coils in 13-SEER air conditioners. In this application, aluminum has distinct advantages over traditional copper tube-in-fin coils. It’s lighter, offers greater corrosion resistance and uses less refrigerant. Now we’re bringing Micro-Channel technology to indoor evaporator coils. Our new line of C7 coils will …

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Three New Furnaces in 2011.

With gas furnace efficiency topping 97 percent, you’d think there wouldn’t be much more to accomplish in the way of furnace technology. Not at NORDYNE. We introduced three new furnace models in 2011, all delivering targeted solutions for heating problems.

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Online and On the Mark

I’m old enough to remember my first web experience around 1994. I searched for “horses,” and got 20 results. Total. Not 20 pages. Not 20 million. Just 20. And at the time, that was awesome. Several years later I entered the workplace, and we had one computer that was hooked …

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What’s the Deal with Social Media?

Social media. No two words have been this overused since “happy camper” in the late mid-90s. Still, social media is getting a lot of attention for good reason. The way people interact is changing at lightning speed, and companies are scrambling to react. At NORDYNE, we believe a social media …

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Message from Dave LaGrand

A Message from Our President and CEO Dave LaGrand, president and CEO of NORDYNE, wants you to know how the company is doing and our plans for the future – including products slated to launch later this year.

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