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iQ Drive heating and air conditioning systems offer the best of all worlds – maximum home comfort, increased energy efficiency and premium noise reduction. Our iQ Drive lineup includes a 20-SEER air conditioner, an up to 19-SEER heat pump and an exceptional 20-SEER gas/electric packaged system.

Exceptionally High Efficiency

An iQ Drive unit modulates from 49% to 118% capacity in five steps, giving it the ability to meet the exact demands of your home at any given time. Because iQ Drive systems don’t cycle on and off as frequently as other systems, they considerably reduce energy bills as well as sound levels.

Super Low Humidity

A humid home is a hot home. Pair our 20-SEER air conditioner or up to 19-SEER heat pump with a thermostat that includes a humidity output terminal. The thermostat will slow the blower down when humidity removal is demanded to achieve maximum home comfort and energy savings.

Complete Comfort Control

Pair an iQ Drive system with zoning equipment, and you can increase your energy savings by up to 12 percent. A whole-home zoning system lets you control temperature from room to room and by time of day – you’re in complete control of your home comfort anywhere, anytime.


iQ Drive systems operate at extremely low noise levels - down to 59 dBA. That's quieter than a washing machine, toaster or a quiet conversation!


Summer cooling makes up the largest chunk of your utility expenses. Our iQ Drive systems are 100% more efficient than air conditioners from 10 years ago.


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