Demand Flow Technology

Assembly line? More like assembly machine.

Henry Ford may have invented the moving assembly line, but Nortek Global HVAC perfected it for the heating and cooling industry. We became Demand Flow Technology (DFT) certified in 1998 – the first HVAC manufacturer to do so.

DFT is a quality-control process in the manufacturing plants:

  • Reduces inventory investment.
  • Decreases customer turnaround time.
  • Assures every point of the manufacturing process has a quality checkpoint to reduce potential for product failure.

DFT is not a one-way assembly line. When contractors send us product suggestions, concerns or attaboys, we post them on the assembly line, at the exact place where that component is added to the equipment, for every worker to see. That’s how your feedback goes into every product we make.

We eliminate human error

By using 100% computer-automated testing.

We test air conditioners

An average of 144 times and gas furnaces an average of 234 times. Check, check and recheck. On every product, confidence comes standard.

With DFT

It’s not unusual to see a 2-ton air conditioner coming down the line after a 5-ton heat pump. DFT eliminates batch manufacturing.

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