Condensing Gas Pack

The first-ever residential condensing gas pack.

Nortek Global HVAC introduced the first-ever condensing gas/electric packaged unit for residential HVAC industry – revolutionizing the way a gas pack can heat a home.

Model R8HE offers 95% AFUE heating capabilities – a rating significantly higher than previous gas packs. While other models top out around 81% AFUE, the R8HE goes above and beyond that mark – helping homeowners save a bundle on winter heating costs.

Why is this model the first high-efficiency packaged gas/electric system? Because no other manufacturer could figure out how to handle the condensate in winter. Our simple solution pipes condensate below the frost line, eliminating freezing condensate and the concern of any resulting malfunction.

Homeowners looking for durability and high-heating efficiency combined can’t go wrong with the R8HE.

Save $400/year

By replacing a 65% AFUE unit with a 95% AFUE gas pack, homeowners can save up to $400 per year, EVERY year, on heating bills.

95% AFUE

Never before has a heating and air conditioning manufacturer released a gas pack to the residential market rated above 81% AFUE.

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