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Humidity control is essential to many applications, from healthcare and labs to anywhere equipment productivity is vital. Vapac offers a wide range of humidification products as stand-alone or OEMs.

Vapac uses the latest advances in technology to optimize the reliability and effectiveness of all its humidifiers. Our systems adapt to environmental changes and deliver on promises of energy efficiency.

Adapting to environmental changes and the need for energy-efficient systems. Vapac uses the latest advances in technology to optimize the reliability and effectiveness of all its humidifiers.

Adding moisture to a space should be a simple process. Vapac ensures that it is with its fit-and-forget approach, providing users with a modern generation of systems that can be easily installed.

Humidity levels can cause fluctuations in a multitude of environments – the application possibilities are virtually limitless.

On the evening of Monday 25th June 2018, the Vapac manufacturing facility in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK was completely destroyed by fire. The fire also destroyed the stock of units, consumables and spares housed within.

Our current priority is to deliver the superior levels of customer service that our customers and end users have come to expect, and to that end we are working tirelessly to resume production at an alternative site.

The most popular spare parts for Vapac units are now starting to become available, and replacement cylinders are predicted to be back in stock in September 2018. New Vapac units will be available before the close of 2018.

In the meantime, our UK based Customer Service team is ready to assist with any maintenance or spares needs. They can be contacted on 01384 489 250, or by emailing


Vapac offers a full range of humidifiers and steam generator products. The VapaNet steam line is isothermal and includes both electrode boiler steam humidifiers and resistance heaters.

To find out more about our products, discuss your requirements or receive help for any technical queries, call us at +44 (0)1384 489 250.


- Hospitals
- Print works
- Laboratories
- Museums
- Art Galleries
- Engineering Facilities
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
- Server Rooms
- Data Centers

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