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As Seen on TV: Our Latest Broadcasts

Ah, the life of a NORDYNE employee. We replaced our entry mats with red carpets and have to dodge paparazzi as we walk from the parking lot to the front door. No, not really. But we do sometimes feel like superstars with our recent television and YouTube broadcasts. 

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Online and On the Mark

I’m old enough to remember my first web experience around 1994. I searched for “horses,” and got 20 results. Total. Not 20 pages. Not 20 million. Just 20. And at the time, that was awesome. Several years later I entered the workplace, and we had one computer that was hooked …

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What’s the Deal with Social Media?

Social media. No two words have been this overused since “happy camper” in the late mid-90s. Still, social media is getting a lot of attention for good reason. The way people interact is changing at lightning speed, and companies are scrambling to react. At NORDYNE, we believe a social media …

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