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At up to 25.5 SEER, our iQ Drive® technology stands apart because of its exceptionally high cooling efficiency and premium noise reduction.

iQ Drive air conditioners and heat pumps utilize inverter-driven rotary technology. The system’s inverter component converts the electrical current from AC to DC and, in doing so, can almost infinitely vary the compressor and fan motor speeds – from 40 to 118 percent of capacity. Sound ratings are from 59 to 72 decibels, some of the lowest in the industry.

In 2012 we launched an up to 19 SEER iQ Drive heat pump and 20 SEER iQ Drive gas pack. These new models utilize inverter rotary technology to modulate from 50 to 115 percent of capacity, and can be installed with any two-stage thermostat.


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iQ Drive technology was featured in an RSES Journal article.


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