Green HVAC

Nortek Global HVAC uses the ecoLogic™ seal to designate our greenest systems. Our ecoLogic requirements include more than energy efficiency. ecoLogic products make indoor air more uniform and comfortable, reduce noise levels and control humidity and indoor allergens.

Saving energy is #1

When asked to name the
most desired improvement
in their home comfort
systems, over 50% of all
homeowners cite increased
energy efficiency as #1.

with iQ Drive® products

At up to 25.5 SEER, it’s the
greenest system we make
– offering energy savings
and premium comfort.

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Environmental responsibility.
It’s what we’re made of.

Learn more about
our green history.

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Green HVAC

ecoLogic is true environmental innovation

ecoLogic speaks to those consumers who want to save the
environment or just save money.

  • Rated as an ENERGY STAR product for efficiency.
  • Use non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, such as R-410A,
    in cooling products.
  • Produce low nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions in furnaces.
  • Include multi-stage, variable-speed compressors for optimal
    indoor comfort and efficiency.
  • Feature “smart” control boards or diagnostic controls for total
    indoor air quality.
  • Incorporate noise-reducing features.