Ultra-High-Efficiency Heat Pump Manufactured by NORDYNE Named a Best Buy

Model FT4BI/PSH4BI heat pump recognized by Consumers Digest.

St. Louis, September 4, 2014 Model FT4BI/PSH4BI iQ Drive® heat pumps, available in the Maytag, Broan, Frigidaire, NuTone, Tappan and Westinghouse brands and manufactured by NORDYNE, have once again been recognized by Consumers Digest. These up to 22-SEER, modulating heat pumps have been named a Best Buy in the premium heat pump category.

The NORDYNE iQ Drive line of heating and air conditioning products has been continually recognized for its ultra-high efficiency ratings and advanced technology. In years past, the FT4BI/PSH4BI heat pump and FS4BI/PSA4BI air conditioner have been named Best Buys by Consumers Digest.

According to Consumers Digest, the FT4BI/PSH4BI continues to be an industry leader because it “remains one of the most efficient series that [they] found that has an inverter-driven compressor, which modulates operation speeds in a way that allows the models that are in this series to use only the energy that’s required to heat your living space.”

While other heating and air conditioning systems repeatedly go through costly on and off cycles to heat or cool your home, products in the iQ Drive line are different. The modulating capabilities of the FT4BI/PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump allow the unit to adjust between 40 to 118% capacity – reducing noisy on/off cycles and making constant, small adjustments to make your home comfortable.

For more information about the FT4BI/PSH4BI iQ Drive heat pump and the Best Buy designation, contractors and distributors should visit or

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2 comments on “Ultra-High-Efficiency Heat Pump Manufactured by NORDYNE Named a Best Buy”
  • I do not have a website.

    Please email me the cost of a 2 1/2 , 3 and 4 ton Heat pump.  In other words between x number of dollars and x number of dollars.

    And the price of a gas pack of  the same size.

    I am not a dealer but i am interested in purchasing the NORDYNE SYSTEM, THEREFORE I NEED A GOOD GUESS AT THE PRICE.  PLEASE REPLY WITH A GOOD DOLLAR NUMBER. 


    Rabon McCormack


    • Hello and thank you for your interest. Our customer service will be emailing you as requested, but it is extremely difficult for us to estimate a purchase price. The unique requirements of your home will weigh into the final installed price. We always recommend an estimate from a contractor. You can find contractors on our locator here

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