NORDYNE Introduces 95% AFUE Gas Pack

St. Louis, March 3, 2014 — NORDYNE remains committed to product innovation and quality through the launch of the first-ever 95% AFUE condensing gas/electric packaged system model – the R8HE. While other gas/electric packaged units top out around 81% AFUE, this model is significantly more efficient at 95% AFUE. This can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars on their winter heating bills.

Paired with an ECM blower, this gas/electric packaged unit offers 95% AFUE two-stage heating and 14-SEER, single-stage cooling. It can reach such high levels of heating efficiency due to the addition of a secondary heat exchanger that promotes efficient heating operation. The condensate and flue gases exit the heat exchanger together. This process eliminates concern that the condensate will freeze.

“No other gas pack comes close to the quality and efficiency of the R8HE,” says David Garvin, product manager at NORDYNE. “Not only does this gas pack offer high-heating efficiency, but it is also the first condensing gas pack on the market.”

Other system features include:

  • A state-of-the-art Copeland® scroll compressor.
  • All-aluminum Micro-Channel indoor and outdoor coils for increased resistance against corrosion.
  • SmartLite™ control board for increased ignitor life. The control board learns the start-up characteristics of the unit and adjusts the ignitor’s firing percentage accordingly.
  • A corrosion-resistant drain pan and embossed bottom pan help keep the blower compartment dry.

The R8HE packaged gas/electric unit is available in the Maytag®, Broan®, Frigidaire®, NuTone®, Tappan® and Westinghouse® brands with an out-of-the-box 5-year parts warranty for residential applications. Extended parts warranties are available with product registration, along with a replacement guarantee on select components.

Currently, the unit is available in a horizontal configuration for easy slab installation, and a rooftop, downflow configuration is scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2014. 


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36 comments on “NORDYNE Introduces 95% AFUE Gas Pack”
  • What is your July 2015 update?  I need a replacement for a 2 ton gaspack.  What SEER rating are you up to on the AC side?  Zip code:  28532

    • Hi Charles — Our highest SEER gas pack is the R6GI, which reaches 20 SEER and 81% AFUE. Our customer service will reach out to you regarding a contractor in your area. Thank you!

  • Do you have any reps in the Portland, Oregon area?  Has the product passed muster with the Regional Technical Forum that tends to govern the advent of new HVAC technology here in the Pacific Northwest?

    • Hi David — Yes, we do have reps in that area. I sent your note to our area sales leader so he can follow up with you via email and address the second part of your question. Thank you!

  • Any distributor in Colorado/Denver area?  Concerned about PVC  below frost line.  Heater tape instead, and French drain option, or mid-wall install allowing nice down flow?




  • How is the dealer/installer in the Charlotte North Carolina Metro area (specifically Salisbury NC 28146)?  Residential? Cost? Availability?

    • Hi Beth — Our closest contractor to you is Ballard Heating and Cooling, 707-474-3287. Pricing is based on the size you need along with any installation requirements, so it’s best to have a contractor give you an estimate. Thank you for your interest!

  • Please let me know the specs and availability in Philadelphia, PA of the downflow model. I need to replace 2.5 tons residential roof gas/electric pack urgently but I wonder if I can get this soon enough.

    Thank you,


  • Pleas send me as much info as possable on this new unit, we would like to see them replaceing the old units and maybe able to pay incentive to do such.

    Dan Wilkinson

    Fiels engineer for Energy Trust of Oregon.

  • I am with Oklahoma Natural Gas and we are beginning to develop new energy efficiency programs and rebate structure and very interested in this product.   Please e-mail me a list of distributors and contact information for Oklahoma distributors and dealers.  Thanks!

    • Yes, they’re designed to eliminate concerns of condensate freezing. In horizontal applications, you need to dig a well below frost line for the PVC to go into (and the condensate). So where your frost line is may impact your decision to use this gas pack.

    • Hi Cheryl — We do have color brochures available. Click the “technical literature” link in the top right corner of this page, and that will take you to our literature library (you may need to create a free registration if you haven’t already). The color is under “Consumer Materials.” Thanks!

  • When will these available in a commercial roof top model?

    I am needing to replace roof top gas package unit at three of our elementary schools, about 90 units total. I would love to be able to give this a shot.

    • Hi Marion — Residential rooftop is slated for around May, and the three-phase product is expected later this year.

  • This looks great! who is the dealer in the Buffalo New York area. 

    What keeps the condensate in the heat exchanger or in the drain piping from freezing?



    • Hi Sam — Condensate exits with the flue gases, so that combo prevents it from freezing in the unit itself. We’re checking on a Buffalo distributor for you.

    • Hi again Sam — Our Buffalo, NY distributor is Schaefer Plumbing Supply, 146 Clinton Street. 716-853-2406. Thanks for the interest!

  • freaking awesome guys ive been waiting for this for a while i cant wait to get back to the shop tomorrow and share this info with the shop 

  • What are you doing to address concerns about the acidity of the moisture in the flue gases and how it will affect certain roof types?

    • Great question. Currently, only the horizontal model is available, but we expect to launch the rooftop version soon. With the rooftop, the flue gas and condensate are separated inside the collator box. Flue gas comes out the side of the unit and is terminated with a 45 degree down turn elbow. Condensate from the combustion process is routed directly down inside of the building where a trap is added in the conditioned space.  

      We have had this unit on our roof at NORDYNE for 5 winters now. Because of your question, we just went up there and checked it out. There is no evidence of a stain under the flue gas discharge pipe. There will be very little condensate that will drips off the 45 degree. 

      Hope that helps!

    • Hi Phillip — R.E. Michel in Van Nuys is the closest to you. Our contact there is Roy Gist, 818-781-3123. Thanks for your interest.

  • Hi Charles – thank you so much for the kind words. We have an online library of all technical literature. You can access it at It does a require a free registration. Once you are in the library, select a brand such as Frigidaire and then search for R8HE. You should find everything you need. 

  • Gentlemen, how can i receive all info and specs on this, i am currently enrolled in a HVACR program at the local college and would like the info to share with my instructor and the rest of the class.

    Thank you for being a leader in innovation and new design technology.


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