Three New Furnaces in 2011.

With gas furnace efficiency topping 97 percent, you’d think there wouldn’t be much more to accomplish in the way of furnace technology. Not at NORDYNE. We introduced three new furnace models in 2011, all delivering targeted solutions for heating problems.

1) M7: First in Class.
In June 2011, NORDYNE launched the M7 furnace in the Intertherm and Miller brands. The M7 is the only 95.1% AFUE furnace that fits a standard manufactured housing footprint for new construction. It can also easily be used as a direct replacement for older, less-efficient furnaces.

The M7 utilizes a dependable silicone-nitride hot surface igniter with proven SmartLite® technology for longer igniter life. It can be vertically or horizontally vented using a two-pipe system for maximum flexibility in installation. And a fully insulated cabinet minimizes heat loss and provides quiet operation.


2) CMF95: For Tight Replacement Jobs.
That same month, NORDYNE launched the CMF95 95.1% AFUE gas furnace in the Intertherm and Miller brands. This model is in a classic 18-inch width for tight replacement jobs.

A heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger and stainless steel secondary heat exchanger assure a long life. The CMF95 also uses a dependable, hot surface igniter with proven SmartLite technology for longer igniter life. This model will accept air conditioning coils up to 3-ton capacity.



3) 95% Single Stage Fixed Speed.
In August, NORDYNE launched the third new furnace – a single-stage, fixed-speed model in our residential brands. Like its two-stage predecessors, this 95% AFUE single-stage furnace also utilizes SmartLite igniter technology and diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting. The cabinet is insulated for quiet operation.

Of course, all of these high-efficiency furnaces qualify for local utility rebates and the U.S. federal tax credit. The M7 and CMF95 models also may be used for manufactured housing weatherization programs.

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    • Hi Lynne — Thank you for your interest. We do not publish MSRPs for the furnaces, so unfortunately I cannot help you with that. Your best bet is to speak with one of the contractors recommended by our distributors. Here are links to find local distributors in our Intertherm and Miller brands. Hope this helps!

  • I would like to register my new furnace.
    We took posession of our new home Dec. 23, 2011
    Nordyne furnace
    Model # m7rl072a bw
    Serial # m7a110602767

  • I would like to register my new funace.
    We took posetion of our new home Dec 23, 2011
    Nordyne furnace
    Model m7rl072a bw
    serial m7a110602767
    Please contact me if this is possible through E-mail.
    Thank you.

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