Message from Dave LaGrand

A Message from Our President and CEO

Dave LaGrandDave LaGrand, president and CEO of NORDYNE, wants you to know how the company is doing and our plans for the future – including products slated to launch later this year.

Please watch this 6-minute video where Dave talks about the industry, the challenges and how NORDYNE is meeting them head-on.

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3 comments on “Message from Dave LaGrand”
  • We have a wiring diagram up on the literature library already, but the rest of the technical materials will most likely be released when the product is released this summer.

    (To access the literature library, go to and click on Technical Literature on the left hand side.)

    And we do have co-op advertising programs. We administer them through the distributor, so your best bet is to talk to the distributor for the details of their specific program.

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