All-Aluminum Indoor Coils (Yes, You Read That Right).

In 2010, NORDYNE launched all-aluminum Micro-Channel condenser coils in 13-SEER air conditioners. In this application, aluminum has distinct advantages over traditional copper tube-in-fin coils. It’s lighter, offers greater corrosion resistance and uses less refrigerant.

Now we’re bringing Micro-Channel technology to indoor evaporator coils. Our new line of C7 coils will utilize this all-aluminum technology for increased resistance against formicary corrosion.


A short history of formicary corrosion.
Thanks to tighter home construction, the heating and cooling industry has been plagued with coil leaks caused by formicary corrosion. By definition, formicary corrosion occurs in copper-based alloys and is comprised of small, wandering pits that are not observable to the unaided eye. The tunneling effect that occurs to the copper material is similar to tunnels formed in an ant’s nest. “Formicary” literally means “ant’s nest.”

There are four elements that cause formicary corrosion: copper, moisture, oxygen and acid. If one factor is removed, then the corrosion can be prevented.

Our new all-aluminum indoor coils remove the copper element, thereby significantly reducing formicary corrosion – as well as call-backs and warranty work for our contractors.

To learn more about the engineering behind these new coils, view our video.

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27 comments on “All-Aluminum Indoor Coils (Yes, You Read That Right).”
  • We had a Tappan unit Q5RD-O36K installed Spring 2009, the serial number suggests that it was manufactured 0901.

    What year was the aluminium 'anteater' coil launched by Nordyne? And were the units prior to this date all copper?

    • Hi Andrew — I recommend that you contact our customer service department with your serial number, and they can tell you about your unit and the dates that the coils were changed. You can reach us at 1-800-422-4328 or Thank you!

  • I have a 5 ton York with MicroChannel Coil. It just starting making a high pitch whistle. No one can figure out how to get it to stop. Any ideas?

    • Hi Connie — Unfortunately, we’re not experts with York units and can’t help. Best bet is to contact your contractor for a service call. Thank you.

  • what's the procedure for micro coil In ahu and fin and tube heat pump? I have 2 systems identical cannot get suction over 100psi

    liquid 325psi pistons are right and coil freezing up?



    • Hi Coy — Please call our technical services department to discuss. 1-800-422-4328 M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm central time. Thank you!

  • Hi Rex — Thanks for the feedback. We have a document called a Quick Reference Data (QRD for short) that helps with charging. It is shipped with every split system outdoor unit, and can be found on our literature library under Technical Specs. I think might answer a lot of questions for you. 

  • To all-

      The txv charts provided with units indicate sub cool from 4 degrees on up, increasing with liquid pressure, per the curve. NO mention of outdoor temps or other loads.  We have very few that run in even close to the curve. tThe literature that comes with most of the product we get is outdated. The high side lit is getting better.  NO specific sub-cool or superheat is listed any where, unless it is in invisible ink.

      Per Nordyne team, use the charts because they work…..

    c7 coils are definitely critical charge when using fixed metering device. TXV is a total guessing game on when it is fully charged and not overcharged.  The charts help out somewhat,however are just a guide as far as we are finding out.

      I have taught sub cooling and super heat methods for all of our techs for 30 years, field experience etc  says superheat always with fixed meter and sub cooling with txv, based on "manufactures" recomendations.

      I still want to see current literature with the new units!!


  • I installed a three ton G E air handler last October with a microchannel coil evaporator upflow coil.  It is dripping condensate on the filter.  I have cleaned the coil with warm water, added return to the system to be sure I have 1200 cfm.  The coil drips still.  Any suggestions?

    • Hi Randall — Thanks for the comment. Please call our tech services team to troubleshoot. They’ll have some ideas. 1-800-422-4328. We’re here 8:00 am – 4:30 pm central time, M-F. 

  • Hi Omar — Make sure one of your techs calls our tech services at 1-800-422-4328. No, it shouldn't behave like you're describing, but our tech services team will know how to advise your tech on how to correct it. Thanks!

  • I have a  concern about these coils. I just had one installed and it leaks condensation. I had two HVAC techs come out and they cant explain why it leaks down the center. They stated it was odd that the fin design are horizontal instead of verticle. Has anyone had issues with these coils?

  • Erle, thanks for your comments. NORDYNE does not cover freight or freon.
    If you experience problems with the replacement coils, please file claims with your distributor as normal process. Many of our replacement coils were Anteater to extend the coil life, but if the replacements were before 2009, they may not have been.

  • I have replaced a number of leaking coils ,both condensor and evaporator. The replacement coils were also copper. Does this mean that I will have to replace these also. And is nordyne going to help with frieght and freon. Some of these systems held over 12 pounds of 410a.The frieght charged by noland ran one to two hundred dollars

  • Whats going to happen when you get a system burn out and the channels get stopped up. Now you will replace the coil and compressor as part of the process. Stupid move if you ask me. Nordyne is not known for the best brains in the industry anyway.

  • Hi Gary — I forwarded your comment to our tech services. They replied that 10 degrees is ideal, but there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration when charging a heat pump.
    If you'd like to discuss further, I recommend calling our tech services department at 1-800-422-4328. Thanks!

  • Kari i read where you stated to use a 10 degree subcool. This is not acceptable on r410a heatpump. We have installed the microchannel coil as a replacement for coils suffering from formicarry corrosion setting a 10 DEGREE SUBCOOL Causes the head pressure to trip the hps in heat. recently i set a 4 degree subcool still ran a 475 head in heat. We really need a precise charging chart or a weight to charge with the new coil.

  • Our tech services says that the current connection is a brazed connection, and that it is holding up very well. Talk to your distributor about availability in your area. You can also chat with our technical services team — 1-800-422-4328.

  • I have found there to be a high leak rate at the copper aluminum connection. Particularly found on SeaAir/Thermopride condensing units. How is Nordyne making this transition.
    Are you considering making coils that will fit in other brand air handlers?

  • These coils sound great. It's all good anytime we can reduce corrosion, have lighter coils, and reduce refrigerant. What do long term results show for growth issues on these coils (mold/dirt)? When the coils become dirty how dificult are they to clean. Also we have serviced several York & Carrier systems with the micro channel condenser coils. We have seen a lot of leaks in their coils already. They are all leaking in the weld joints where the micro tubing connects to the sides. Have you seen any issue with your coils? We mostly install Frigidaire 13 – 16 SEER heat pump systems. When will these coils be available?

  • Brian — These coils have been extensively tested in all applicaitons to shed condensate appropriately. As far as Dirty Sock Syndrome goes, that one is still an unknown. We have not heard anything about that yet in NORDYNE Tech Services.

  • James – the info you need is in the Installation Instuctions that are in the box. Were they missing? You can always find technical literature at (click Technical Literature in the nav). Works on a smart phone, too. 10 degrees subcooling and 10 degrees superheat is ideal.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and let us know.

  • Just installed one of these coils as a warranty substitute. I would be helpful to know how much less freon these coils use and to have a sub cooling chart and super heat chart sent with the coil. I am not a mind reader.  the numbers that you did send don't work in this country this time of the year. Might have your distributors have this on hand also.

  • Sounds like a good move to battle corrosion.
    We have a lot of downflow applications in a high humidity environment how well do these coils work in that application as far as not allowing condensate to shear off the coil?
    Any feedback on dirty sock syndrome on these new coils yet?

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